ONE the guy that bought the 5 cent lottery tickets

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  1. Anyone think the guy that turned 10k into 600-700k was legit?

    :p :cool: :D
  2. Tell the whole story.
  3. Keep your mouth shut and enjoy. :D
  4. maxpi


    With that kind of money he can buy some legit.
  5. i guarantee you the law will be talking to that guy and it wont be fun.
  6. Maybe it is also a good lesson never to (1) sell 5 cent lottery tickets and (2) cover short options at 4 cents whenever you get the chance.
  7. I think they HAVE to sell them. Otherwise there would be no market. If they try to pump up the offer too much , then they have to move the bid up as well, so the MM's are stuck when insiders trade.
  8. +++++++++++++

    Wouldnt know if Market makers got stuck;
    most are diversified, & have practical unlimited capital.:cool:

    If that option buyer is a gardener for a ONE board member , might be a long cold winter.

    If its Carl Ichan we vote the SEC rightly tells him ''good job'' & average that in with ;

    oops a huge loss-TWA


    Kodak, like Fortune mag-1/12/2004

    Nabisco Group Holdings ...

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    this might be true for mm-groups, but not if they are locals.
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