One step closer to dictatorship

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    Sen. Rockefeller’s shared some thoughts that were not in his prepared remarks today. The West Virginia Democrat gave a mini-lecture on communications and journalism during a Senate hearing on retransmission consent:
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    Additional transcript from The New York Times:
  2. We have journalism that is always ravenous for the next rumor, but insufficiently hungry for the facts that can nourish our democracy. As citizens, we are paying a price.

    He can kiss my ass. For one, "citizens" were hungry for the facts of the health care bill AND what were we told ""We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It".
  3. The elites in the media and both parties can feel the control slipping away. They no longer control the messaging. Their panic is bringing out their true colors.
  4. Granted this is Al Sharpton, the curiosity is the push to get the FCC to simply start banning media outlets by multiple sources:

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    Sharpton To Schultz: FCC Should Threaten Radio Stations Carrying Rush
    By Mark Finkelstein | November 17, 2010 | 19:30

    If the left can't get Rush by reviving the Fairness Doctrine, maybe the race card will work . . .

    Al Sharpton has called for the FCC to go after the stations that carry Rush Limbaugh, unsubtly implying that their licenses should be in jeopardy. Sharpton made his speech-chilling suggestion to Ed Schultz on the latter's MSNBC show this evening.

    The background is the back-and-forth betweeen Schultz and Rush regarding Limbaugh's comments on Jim Clyburn, Pres. Obama and Sheila Jackson Lee. But the bottom line is that the left wants to find an excuse, any excuse, to grab the mike from the man who has wreaked so much havoc on their cause.

    View video after the jump of Sharpton repeatedly calling for the FCC to threaten stations carrying Rush's show.

    Watch another member of the Dissent Is Patriotic crowd urge the Obama administration to use its power to silence a critic.
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    And this is who we have elected to office to create federal laws and yet he doesn't know how these federal agencies operate?
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    to declare some speech illegal.

    And people thought Bush was dumb.
  7. "Jay Rockefeller recently spoke out saying he would love to see the FCC remove Fox News and MSNBC from the air. Levin points out that another Rockefeller – Sharon Percy Rockefeller – is the CEO of the Public Broadcasting Corporation’s affiliate in Washington D.C., WETA-TV. No doubt, PBS is what Rockefeller would consider “quality news.” It just so happens Fox News and MSNBC are competitors to PBS.

    Oh, by the way – Sharon Percy Rockefeller is Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s wife. Interesting."
  8. In this midtermy cycle 87% of all incumbents were reelected,only 13% tossed out,,lets double the rate of tossed out next cycle,,what do ya say
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    One of the criticisms of Obama has been that he's "inexperienced". Term limits and a generalized culture of "throw the bums out" could have the undesired outcome of instituitionalizing inexperience.
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    I'm all for it.
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