One simple question for birthers...

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  1. If a BC does surface, how will you know it is real?

    Just asking...
  2. What a bunch of pansies the birthers are...can't even answer a simple question...but they sure can rate a thread.

    ...and the birthers wonder why the mainstream GOP wants them to STFU?
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    While I wouldn't consider myself a "birther", rather someone who would like to hold the administration accountable to the calls for "transparency" which it championed during the election, I'll answer the question.

    1) It should look basically like all the other birth certificates which were issued at the time.

    2) Chemical and scientific testing should verify that the paper and ink are as old as they are supposed to be, and be confirmed by several independent foreign and domestic labs.

  4. So , he must not only just simply present a must also go through the ink and paper tests by several independent foreign and domestic labs...? WHY BOTHER. not forgetting ,next... he will also have to produce childhood friends.
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    Why would there be a problem having it forensically tested? It's not as if he'd have to pay for it. Why bother? Why not? You'd think he'd be in favor of it because he'd want to destroy any notion that he wasn't born in America. I do believe childhood friends have surfaced, from Islamic day schools in Indonesia.

  6. Because the onus lies on the accusers to furnish proof of their theories, As one commentator aptly put it.... '' The more this issue stews in the republicans pot , the more inept it makes them look .''

    Are they so oblivious of that....? . :(
  7. Considering they accepted the fake Kenyan BC and Trumps unofficial BC as real how could anyone have confidence that they could tell if any BC is real or not :confused:

    What I do have confidence in is that whatever Obama produces will be called fake
  8. I hear or see this line repeated from birthers over and over again
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    Thanks for that useless and irrelevant interjection.

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    Maybe they just went to bed TrollZz.
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