One side of my brain says yes the other side says No!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bat1, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. bat1


    Why is it when I do any trading the left and right side of my
    brain fight with it other?

    I know this sounds strange but it's true

    and then I have to decide which side of my brain to listen too..

    yesterday I was in a trade and up a point with a stock
    and one side say's sell it now! then the other side says
    go long there's more to be made here.

    I'm tired of this fighting going on

    anyone else have this problem?

    what can I do about this?
  2. I know very good what you mean.

    The side which says to sell is your logical sense and wants you to trade your rules.
    The other side is your greed: i could if i would......

    Now, you know, sometimes if you buy another few contracts, it will work out,
    BUT on the long time, you will lose with this doing, in the worst case you get an margin call.

    The key to solve this problem, is like always 100% discipline.

    Follow your rules exactly to 100%, and do nothing else.

    Cut out your fucking emotions of your trading. As long as your are dealing in the markets, you are just a computer following rules.

    Emotions you can have after a trade is done, NEVER before.

    Follow your plan and everything will gonna be allright.

    If you do continious win trade after trade, you can make more and more with every trade, so there is absolutely no reason to risk anything with adding to a winning trade, while you should sell.

    Always remember, you must sell when everybody buys for Long postitions and for short you must buy back when everybody wants to sell.

    In other words, you must do exactly the opposite of what the masses of people do.

    Plan your trade, trade your plan.
    If you dont have any plan, stop trading and create a plan.

    For what do you have a plan, if you do not follow it ??????

    Fear and Greed have nothing to do in a pro traders mind.
    Only discipline & patience, is all you need.

    Good luck
    :) :) :)
  3. bat1


    Thanks for the tip!

    you nailed it I can see it now

    bless you!
  4. schuler


    Get a new brain:)
  5. Eight


    Piracetam, take it with choline bitartrate, it ups the activity in the corpus callosum and the hemispheres work together.