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    Can anyone please let me know of any charting software has the ability to plot by the second. Not a tick chart but each second.
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    dloomis514 Guest will do it for sure
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    Thanks for the reply. I have access to esignal right now and when I bring up the interval 1 minutes is as low as I can go. How do I change it to 1 second?
  4. QuoteTracker can do down to 3 second candles (0.05 custom frequency), but why would you want to? You would be getting a lot of noise.

    Alternately, you may just want to have line charts drawn, which draw every trade. (unconsolidated line charts)

    Jerry Medved
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    instead of entering 1 for the interval, enter 1s
  6. eSignal Support

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    Speciality bars like tick, volume, price change and seconds are included within our Advanced Charting module. If you happen to have just eSignal Basic, you'll need to upgrade to at least our Premier level service. Otherwise, KB Article 1275 gives more information.


  7. If you have an IB account for data, IBCharts will plot a one second interval.

  8. N-second chart is pretty common among the more well-known platforms nowadays comparing to 4-5 years ago.

    We added that ability to NeoTicker probably 3 to 4 years ago.
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    I have used real-time, Esignal and over a period of 6 years for futures day trading. They all can display 1 minute OHLC bars. is the worst. Esignal and Barchart both have inconsistant 1 and 5 minute data bars. A window refresh after about 2 minutes reveals a completely different OHLC bar for the exact same minute. Its almost a joke. However Barchart has fairly good customer service and may be able to rectify the problem hopefully soon. A year ago Esignal eliminated their 800 service number and now it takes forever to get phone support. They must get a kick on the long distance charges.

    I'm looking for a better data vendor who focuses on delivering precise 1 and 5 minute price bars and alot less on slick color graphics, flashing websites etc.

    Any recommends ?
  10. i too will recommend esignal. the seconds charts are invaluable!!
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