One Scenario... 1050-1055 Low This AM, Then UP to 1100-1110

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Scataphagos, May 21, 2010.

  1. FWIW..
  2. I agree, or at least by next week. This 'correction' is all about retouching the flash crash low. Strong euro is telling me there is nothing to fear, not at these valuations. Perfect for options exp at least.
  3. pupu


    One out of a thousand
  4. We'll get a bounce somewhere. I'm not so sure it'll be on a Friday or as much as your scenario calls for. Either way, any bounce should be sold unless it is convincingly above 1100.
  5. Odds better than that, but still only one...
  6. S2007S


    FUTURES just tanking.

    If there is a turnaround off this low it should jump by the close.
  7. If 1050-1055 marks the low, I'm thinking SWING to 1100-1110. Swing could take several days.

    Just thought I'd post this notion in case shorts were getting all gaga..

    I rarely post on trades or trading... 'cause buttholes like pupu pipe in with worthless bilge. Do you think if I thought the odds were 1:1000 I'd bother to post?

    I posted because I believed the probability was high enough to be worthy consideration...
  8. S2007S


    Bought some URE at 34.56, wanted to take the profits but think this market might be headed into the green by mid day.
  9. benwm


    personally I think a 10-1 shot..
  10. Which is why I don't post these things..
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