one question about laser platform, please....

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  1. ive been sheltered from such things as dots at my old firm, and now up and trading tommorrow with my laser platform that ive been working hard on,, was hopeing someone could fully explain what the deal is with the dots and which i should use,, ive been told that edgx was suppose to be cheap and check dark books before specialist, but now fees may be higher,, so now ive been told that nyf dot is the quickest and cheap, and now ive been told that one called nasdaqsomthing checks inet for free first before specialist, i trade nyse,, what should i be using laser users what???????????? thank you for any and all responses related to this subject.....
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    I don't use Laser anymore but when I did I tested a few of the routes for speed through an API and found that MLCO was the fastest, but BELZ was cheaper. So it depends what is more important to you. I do suggest trying EDGX for a while because the darkbook fills should more than make up for fees, especially trading listed stocks.