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  1. I was just reviewing a recent thread where a current advertiser was coming in for some what I feet warranted critism and was shocked to notice that the only people to defend him apart from one very well known defender were a bunch of posters making their first post.

    Am I being cynical or were these posters simply blatant shills possibly created by the same person?

    What can be done to help prevent multiple handles by snake oil salesmen?

    Even though they are very transparent (even funny) by the fact they have no history dont they still degrade the site?
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    The site is non-degradable.
  3. Require a paypal or credit card registration of some wouldn't prevent it..but it would slow it down dramatically.

    Blocking IP's wouldn't really work that well. Trust me.
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  6. What's up leverage FX? Thanks for the thoughtful PM's. That was awful sweet of you. Wonder if Baron will trace it back to the same IP address as your vendor account?
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    Shills exist on every forum, its impossible to keep the persistent from breaking the rules. It is counter productive for a paid sponsor to use them, since it causes this kind of animosity...its much better for them to use their registered sponsor id to answer questions/criticisms, and they usually do. I guess competitors could also be one post shills to try and stir up trouble for the sponsoring company. "Oh what a tangled web we weave..." As with brick and mortar sales tactics, buyer beware, don't believe everything you read and finally, use common sense.

    Since this thread has nothing to do with Index Futures, it will be moved to Chit Chat.
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