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Discussion in 'Journals' started by rs7, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. rs7


    Good Luck everyone....I am copying this from the "chit chat" forum where I originally posted it just moments ago. I am putting it here for the benefit of the "good guys" that are smart enough not to bother with the "chit chat" bull. The guys I care about and respect. You know who you are.

    Anyway, it has been an experience, and I will remember it well.

  2. Winston


    Courtesy of the U.S. Armed Services:D
  3. Minime


    Sorry to see you leave RS7. I'm sure you'll be much more productive avoiding the "Demon of perpetual time wasting on forums." :)
  4. Yeah, after I post 1284 times, I might do the same
  5. tampa


    Don't ya just love the compassion ET'ers display for one another? good rs7, be good.
  6. rs7,

    the choice is yours, but why are you letting just a few people ruin it for you? there will be negative people wherever you go. you should stay, dude.
  7. There is no shortage of idiots on ET. RS7 is a good guy. I want him to stay. You wouldn't want to miss the first trade in my journal would you??

    Don't leave. :( :( :(
  8. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    Sorry to see you go rs7, appreciate you reprinting your post as I would have never seen it. Rarely make it to chit-chat, signal-to-noise hovers around zero, just don't have the time.

    Best of trading to you, keep listening to the Great Music. :) :p :cool:
  9. rs7


    Just for the record...

    I don't care about the criticism I have taken. This is irrelevant to me. I am just disappointed that I have come to see that so many here are not interested in anything other than argument and name calling. And maybe I am just too old to tolerate the closed-mindedness of certain fanatics, both religious and political. It is saddening to me to see how many there are. Bloodthirsty kids that don't know what war is about. Religious zealots that insist all who disagree with them are damned or stupid. They are a sorry bunch.

    Bottom line is the experience has been one that has only depleted me of effort and thought. I tried to contribute what I know about trading. I believed my experience was worth sharing.

    But here, everyone seems to have their "secrets" sharing an idea about trading a stock that trades 100mm shares a day is going to have an adverse effect on their bottom line! Utter nonsense!

    It bothered me not at all to be told I knew nothing about what I was talking about. I have traded for a long time. Experience matters. I made money quite consistently for 14 years. I don't need to prove anything. This is just the wrong place for me.

    I have essentially gained nothing but a few good laughs. But in the end, it has been detrimental to my trading due to the distraction, and most importantly, it has consumed too much valuable time when not trading.

    My wife constantly is annoyed about me "talking to idiots". I would rather spend my time talking to her. I regret deeply the time I have taken from our lives and wasted here.

    Maybe she and I just agree on too much, and it was more interesting to "debate" with strangers here. But it has gotten old. And so I choose to spend my time with those I love rather than those I don't even know.

    Peace and good trading to all,
  10. xtrader


    Many idiots post here.
    Many comments/threads are useless.
    Derogatory comments are senseless.
    Actual trading secrets won't be revealed for free.

    However, there are some truths...

    Hope you are not blaming your trading mishaps on information you receive here. More importantly, never allow any threads/messages to affect your trading.
    #10     Oct 4, 2002