One port on Linksys router died

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bungrider, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Hey all,

    One of the 4 ports on my Linksys BEFSR41 router (the one popular at best buy and places like that) mysteriously died. Anything I plug into it gets no internet, while the other 3 ports work fine all the time.

    Did I accidentally hit a wrong setting, or is it a hardware problem (do these routers conk after a while? i think this one is about 2 years old).

  2. corvus


    I did the same thing a long time ago during a firmware upgrade. Port has been locked up ever since and no amount of resetting fixed it. No problems though, still got three others. :D
  3. ahh...OK

    maybe i should install new firmware and see if i can get it to reset that port....

    i don't seem to recall ever modifying or installing firmware before....

    maybe i should contact linksys or do a net search...i'll post if i can get anywhere

    thx corvus,
  4. Go into the settings page at (password is "admin") and see if an IP filter is on. Sounds like it, if only 1 port is bad.
  5. i actually already looked for that, but will try again just in case...

  6. Could easily be a HW failure on that port. Happens sometimes.