one person, two aliases, commercial intentions

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  1. This thread (MarketException)

    and Winborn's thread are likely the same person. Reasoning is given in my post under the above thread.

    Winborn has already put in a post that it is a named company.

    Again, PLEASE move these Journals to the Journal sections, rather than under Index Futures. They are NOT general discussion. They are journals, and they are sniffing for future paid publicity.
  2. Pekelo


    So you are fine with him as long as he does it under the correct section??? :)

    You should decide if you want him to be banned or moved or maybe both...

    Man, you are also moron....
  3. that is "A" moron. A first grade primer will help you to correctly

    And I know it was hard for you to grasp the concepts above, but it was "please put journals under the journal section". There, may be you got it now