one path to the gravy train

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    ding ding ding... get it while you can

    I'm done fighting the trend, gonna see if I can qualify, bet it is harder because I am white though. Gotta be some ailment that gets me into paradise.... and the beauty of it is that I can still trade. I'm talking social security disability folks and it has doubled under Barry. This is one of those hidden ways he can change policy without ever having to go through congress, that genius Hussein is serving up socialism in buckets like a cheap dinner theatre.

    I do need you other suckers to keep working please, and wish me luck. When I qualify for SSI and medicare, there's gonna be a lot of squeeling as this newborn lefty suckles up to the sow teat.

    wow, 10 MILLION of us hitting you for $130B a year. That's like perpetual war baby.
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  3. Lucrum


    I'm going to look into it. I'm paying for it. I might as well get some ROI while I can.
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    hey buddy I was here first, take a number

    and tell RCG, Ricter, and the gang they are spending way too much time here, they need to get their asses into work and pay for this
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    Besure and provide us with a detailed report on how we go about applying and winning a disabiliy claim.
  6. Mav88


    I know a few things right now.

    1. do research on claims for untestable ailments that get awarded
    2. find a doctor to back you

    ow, my back sorta hurts and i have a headache with blurry vision, I'm finding it difficult to type more...
  7. I agree...hell many of us could point to the numerous threads in P&R as solid evidence of "mental illness". Regardless of which of us can rationalize our positions, the fact that we spend so much time arguing the same points would probably qualify us for this disability "perk".
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    I tell ya, ever sinc The One was electedm, eye gotaz drinin problemz. wheres I sign up?
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    Do you consult? help me land that big SSDI contract, help me man, show ME THE MONEY, just don't give up maverick

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    Shit, PT has the gold mine. Actually, that is the new growth industry! Come on down to TGregg's Palace of Free Money! We'll show you how to qualify and apply for astonishing government handouts! Free phones?! We'll make the government give you a free car! Getting evicted from public housing?! We'll hook you up with a two bedroom apartment with free utilities! Payments must be made up front. We accept ViSA, Mastercard, Discover, EBT and vouchers.
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