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    We are proud to announce that we can now offer One on One Training with Murray Ruggiero without ever leaving your home.

    You can now work with Murray on your computer while you are watching and talking to each other using a headset. You can ask all your questions about system development, testing and also any questions about TradersStudio. The best part is after your lesson is completed everything you’re learned is already on your computer.

    For a better learning experience we recommend that you submit your questions via email before your classes begin. Murray will teach you want you may have always wanted to know about trading.

    Murray’s time is limited so we only have 30 hrs worth of packages to sell per quarter. Our packages are as follows:

    Package A Two 30 minute Sessions (1 hr was $169.00) Now $135.20

    Package B Four 30 minute Sessions ( 2 hrs was $325.00) Now $260.00

    Package C Eight 30 minute Sessions (4 hrs was $625.00) Now $500.00

    Now while our 20% off sale is on you can get these packages at a 20% discount. Log into the website, if you are not a registered member please Register. Once logged in to the site, adding any of these packages to your shopping cart will reflect the 20% savings upon checkout.

    In addition you will receive extra code from Murray as well as tools he uses during this instruction.
    You can now even have Murray evaluate your trading systems and see what ideas he has to improve them.
    This is a great opportunity for a limited time.
  2. A good idea. :)

    However, is it only for those who have TradersStudio? Since, I do not own TradersStudio , but own Tradestation , can I still make use of the above services?
  3. There's a sucker born every minute.
  4. Clubber Lang, although you may have a right to speak out, but there is a limit to everything. If you knew Murray, you would not be speaking in this way. I am not a customer, but from what I have seen in the forums your comment is uncalled for.

    Besides, I have been going through your posts, and am surprised as to how can you comment on Mr. Murray services being a scam or not being valuable? How can anyone take your words seriously, after all your posts are not exactly pleasant to read? I feel that you do not need anyone as your posts hardly reflect any contribution or any serious trading knowledge.

    Please be advised, viewers’ discretion is advised, please be warned, before having a look at an example of his post here:
  5. I highly doubt that. So if people in total subscribe more than 30 hours in 90 days, you will turn them away? "Sorry, but why don't you come back in July? - You would make 31 hours and we are too busy" Seriously...

    Murray, you have a reasonably good rep here. Why don't you leave out the Marketing 101 methods ("create a sense of limits or exclusivity"). This one was pretty glaring
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    I have only agreed to 30 hours per quarter, I am not saying that If it comes to 31 hours I am too busy, but I can't do 100 hours for example , I currently have about about 1/2 a day a week including prep time I can commit to this service.

    So , it's not unlimited and my guess is about 30 hrs a quarter is all I can sell without lowering quality.
  7. Can I know about the bundle price with TradersStudio?
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    I will add add a bundle to the store and let you know the price, I will try to get it done by Monday.
  9. Throw in a couple of bottles of snake oil with package C and i might sign up...
  10. Thanks, Mr. Murray. Am waiting for the reply.
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