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  1. Starting a journal outlining positions in spot or vol in real-time. A small subset of of trades in personal accounts (no OPM accounts). It's "one/off" and therefore won't include most of what I am trading, but rather some stuff that is liquid and easily replicable. A continuation of this thread:
  2. I follow your posts, you are very good.

    Hope the success continues to you.

  3. Thanks.

    Short the FAZ Oct 72 straddle from 22.50. 200bp in skew over ATM, but will look for a trade to 66 over the next week and a flattening of the smile. A trade-off of skew vs. smile risk. You can buy the 50/100 wings to convert it now, but I am trading it naked.

    FAZ 69.55 marked
    combo vol-line 140%

  4. Also short the 76 from 26.00. No point in posting the screenshot as it traded above there on Friday. I plan on holding for another week and then flying it off and shorting more (after the conversion).
  5. Sold 25D (against each position/per contract) at 64.47... was on the road, but here is the fill:[​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]

    FAZ closed. +1.18 avg. per contract/straddle inclusive of hedge gains.
  7. GOOG vol-trade in Dec. Long the 450/650 fly from 41.00 risk. Earnings in Oct and expecting limited peak to trough move on the news (var of ~50). A risky-debit here at 41.00 and a bit of a binary play. Expect to see 520 to 585 range and will hold through Oct report.

    May pull half the position at 45.00 pre-release.

  8. Long the FAZ Oct 45/75 fly from 4.50 avg. risk. Long 25D/contract in shares from 59.63:

  9. SL on all FAZ shares at 57.63. No SL on fly at this time. Current mark on FAZ is 60.37.
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