one of the worst things i remember seeing on cnbc

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  1. a long time ago, back when the nasdaq first starting crashing, i think it was carl q. who referred to 1929 but then decided not to actually say it. he said something like, "the last time something like this happened was..well, nevermind, i won't get into that." i knew he was referring to 1929 and it made me so angry that he hid the reality from the tv viewers. hiding the truth didn't help them.
  2. One of the worst things I saw, was some bug-eyed guy telling me to buy tech last year.
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    The worst thing I've seen on CNBC was that interview with the internet CEO that was naked... At least from what you could see on camera. The guy had his microphone wrapped around his neck, because we was wearing no shirt or tie to clip it to.

    Maybe someone remembers the name of the company or CEO. I think the overall point of the interview was that now, by using his company, you could work at home in your underwear... or something like that.

    I must give the guy credit though, not too many CEO's would feel comfortable being interviewed on national TV and in front of all his business peers in that condition... ;-)

    Does anyone else remember this interview, from about 2-3 years ago?

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  6. the worst thing I ever say was the morning og September 11th. Some CEO was being interviewed, the Dow futures were up 50, then I think Joe Kernan said "We need to go over to the World Trade Center were one of the towers was hit by an errant aircraft".

    The rest is history.
  7. Yeah, I remember that well actually...The moment they cut away from programming to go to the WTC, they were talking "baby talk" with Marci Rossell...It was her first day at CNBC...Don't know why I remember something like that since I rarely watch the channel, but somehow the events afterwards have left an imprint in my mind about what happened immediately prior...But, yes it was Mark Haines, some CEO and Marci Rossell trying to kill air time when they flashed a picture of the first tower and the "errant" aircraft
  8. For me, the worst thing about CNBC was turning it on in the first place!

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    The worst thing I saw on CNBC was about two months ago when a guest said that he liked to see the red down arrows, because that meant that the market had "compressibility".:confused:
  10. Ron Insana's old hairpiece, now in a museum.
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