one of the most promissing alt. fuel ideas

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    Looks great will leave lots of starving whales though :D
  2. Is that company owned by Exxon, BP or Shell?
  3. plankton to oil.


    I smell bullshit.
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    Try changing your diapers?
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  6. Slack tide - good point, maybe.

    I 'm certainly no expert, but any Lunar Power advocate wouldn't be advocating that it replace <b>all other forms of power</b>, but just be able to sell to the power grid at a cost below imported carbon fuel (or any carbon fuel for that matter).

    The town that I live in hosts a water turbine for a large power company. The turbine (a large pipe that runs up a hill) has a lake at each end. At night, the power company buys electric from the power grid and pumps the water up the hill to the lake at the top. During the day, the company drains the lake at the top letting the water go back to the bottom. That spins the turbine in the opposite direction. It then sells that power back to the power grid.

    The unit price of power is higher during the day than at night, so the power company has a net profit every day. In fact the profit is high enough that the fees paid to our township, up until a few years ago, offset all municipal taxes.:)
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