one of the most important ways to stimulate the economy is to give money to people :)

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    ... some kind of fragile porcelain loan :)
  2. The republican won't have any issues borrowing from China if the situation was to pay for tax cuts to his wealthy donors or waging another spurious war to steal minerals in other countries for his corporate donors.

    The fact that these republican hypocrites keep on getting elected says a lot more about the average dumb retard voter than it does about the glad handing charlatan/hypocrite out to make some coin

    As for the never ending un-employment benefits, these should have been canceled. The "un-employed" should downsize their lifestyles and go start flipping burgers.

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    It seems this article struck a cord with you ... :)

    As with most great ideas, your "burger" solution relies on the possible but highly unlikely increase in the demand for burgers ... (see Caine's: "It is possible, but highly unlikely.")