One of the many reasons why ZOG is a retard.

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  1. If anything created by a jew is suspect, then US should not be using nukes (oppenheimer) or thermonuclear weapons (Edward Teller) or relativity theory (general or special), photoelectric effect (Einstein) I can go on and on.

    The point is, the are some tangible (negative) consequences to antisemitism.
  2. Classical imbecile reply. You said nothing about oppenheimer and edward teller. You are truly hopeless. Your attitudes towards einstein are flawed as well.

    Is richard feynmann a fraud according to you too?
  3. Maybe because it occurred during WWII, when failure was not an option?

    Had the NAZIs acquired Nukes first, they would have won. But since antisemitic attitudes are highly destructive, a good chunk of highly talented physicists/chemists and other scientists have "left the building". As it turned out, the "Aryan race" could not do it by itself. So sad.

    History knows of the most antisemitic regime on the planet that turned out to be a failure. There was no freedom in the third reich. But listening to people like ZOG, Germany should have prevailed because it got rid of "parasites".
  4. You are such a joke it is not even funny.

    Germany lost battle of britain when idiot goering could not lead luftwaffe to triumph over royal air force.

    Barbarossa also was a failure. Germany was not able to take out russia within the time limits of that operation.

    And again you ignore inconvenient facts. Possession of nuclear weapons= victory during WWII. Germany did not get to them in time due in large part to its idiotic "employment" policies.

    N.B I am still waiting for an explanation as to why US has not attacked Iran still.