One of the cleannest waves I have

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by wavelink, Jun 3, 2006.

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    How many of these threads do we need?
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    how many more useless posts like yours do we need?
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  5. This is a clean wave. Two-sided even....on the Guanacaste coast.
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    Just what the doctor ordered... looks like may have been someone on that wave.


    Oops, forgot you don't have to yell such nonsense in uncrowded conditions. Not that I would know what THAT'S like. **sigh**
  7. Elliot Wave has successfully predicted 13 of the last 8 market tops.:D
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    greeks, I can see exactly what you're saying.... From a conservative point of view, it doesn't look like DELL will see mid 23's again; I would just wait it out to see if waves 1 and 2 develop and ride wave 3 up.
  9. As long as we keep getting flooded by Jack and his butlers, what does it matter?