One of the bravest Americans

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  1. After his 9 year old daughter was killed in AZ. The father stands up for Freedom! He says that we should not have more laws and restrictions because of what happen. She was born on 9-11. He said he has witnessed the freedoms of our country slowly erroded!

    This guy is a true Patriot! Unlike the scumbag Progressives who try and take away freedoms, money, land and future from the younger generations.
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    You know nothing of progressivism, but you may know something about authoritarianism, don't confuse the two.
  3. Some people don't deserve to have freedoms.
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    I agree that this guy is a hero, it takes an incredible amount of courage to come out and say what he said in the wake of his daughter being murdered.
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    They're pretty much the same here in the US.
    So a guy's daughter is murdered, apparently by one of YOUR own no less, then exorcises his 1st Amendment rights saying he doesn't think more gun laws are need. (Which of course is true) But simply because you're an anti-gun nut you don't think he has the right to say that, despite the Constitution?

    The epitome of progressive/liberal thinking.
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    It's very rare to hear someone admit that the price of our gun freedom is that periodically some crazy person will do a mass murder. That is the basic and unpleasant truth of the matter.
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    WRONG again, you could ban ALL firearms tomorrow and we would STILL periodically have a mass murder with a firearm.
    THAT is the basic and unpleasant (to the anti-gun nuts) truth of the matter.
  8. What do you know about the truth, poser?

    Do you really think that outlawing guns would keep them out of the hands of murderers?

    You're a poser AND a moron.
  9. What's even more rare is to hear it from someone that has just lost a loved one. Their own child!! I don't know if I would have the strength to talk at all under similar circumstances. Watching the pain this family is enduring makes me want to scream.
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    So true.

    What I wondered, listening to that clip, was what came before the opening question. The journalist said nothing about guns, yet that is the very first thing he talked about.
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