One More Reason Not to Like Michael Jackson

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TriPack, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. As if you needed another reason...

    Michael Jackson dangling a baby over a balcony in Berlin and then giggling about it with his friend. They keep showing it on Fox News.
  2. I say throw out the baby holder with the bath water:

  3. Optional,

    How do you get the TV "snapshots"?
  4. TV tuner card
  5. trdrmac


    Is that Michael Jackson or David Bowie, it is so hard to tell these days!
  6. yeah between the two of them i can't imagine what their cosmetic surgery bills must be...

    probably more than the GDP of the average city in china...
  7. why the hell was michael jackson doing that?!

    p.s. how about some pics of kiran chetry.
  8. You mean like this:
  9. hehe..yup, i mean like that.

    she rules..
  10. Has there ever been a has-been that still the draws the adulation like Jacko?
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