One month horizon- bull or bear?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jgills, Jun 14, 2012.

How are you feeling on the 1 month horizon?

  1. bullish

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  2. bearish

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  3. i don't want to tell you

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  4. spx will be flat

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  1. Jgills


    with all the talk of volatility in the market, i figured i'd ask how you're all feeling.

    bullish? bearish? i don't want to tell you?
  2. End the year flat with lots of ups and downs. Debt And entitlements doesn't disappear that easily.
  3. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Well election years tend to be a bit bullish.Merry CHRISTMAS

    200 day moving averqage is bearish on SPY most of past 12 mo;
    except past 6 months its bullish /buy.

    50 dma is a sell but really SPY could easily sell thru SEPT & be bullish last quarter [OCT NOV,DEC]

    OCT is nicknamed ''bear killer''Cool time, leaves turn gold...

    Thats my feelings/figures;
    but frankly with half of year above 200dma , half below 200 . It could easily chop & slop sideways trend.I am looking for better trends & found them. Not a prediction:cool: