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  1. Less than a page of code (spaghetti, no meatballs). Always in. (Almost) never a loss. Multiple of the daily range (if you know when not to trade). Thirteen years in the making. OMHWV. Pronounced "aaauuummmmmm." Thanks, Jack!
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    Hot Damn. Now if you can explain it with the clarity that Jack brings to every we/you have almost THE HOLY GRAIL. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.Anxiously awaiting further details.
  3. Thank you for being an excellent straight man! The best explanation is that it uses absolutely NO SCT principles. All it does is detect reversals using multiple definitions. It then correlates them in time, weights them and vetts them. Turns out that it is every bit as good as guessing whether the visually obvious turning point is valid. I only use it so I don't have to watch the screen. It alerts me with various status-informative audibles. When it calls me invariably I scream at the code (as if it could hear me) "You worthless piece of shit! Any fucking idiot could see THAT!"
  4. haha... you haven't met me yet.. why no PM? I'M WORSE then any idiot... what are SCT principles..
  5. Doesn`t it tell you sometimes,''How dare you dump at this level!!!'',''That was the not level to dump!!!"?

  6. you know after having JH on ignore for the majority of my time here at ET.. i'm curious.. willing to share your derivation of his indicator?
  7. Why no PM? Because once I fell in love here. I hope the bitch is reading this.
  8. That is in fact the whole point of the code.
  9. Take him off ignore and "Do the work!"
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