One Million Jobs Lost...Say It Ain't So

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  1. Now that would be a market mover. Market expects 500k.
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    This number is getting harder to predict as this number gets worse because what could happen is that the market is expecting -500,000, if job losses come in at lets say -200,000 or even -400,000 (which is still bad news) the market will rally just based on the fact its just less than what they were expecting. I think if the numbers are what the market EXPECTS 9000 is coming around again.

    The ADP report which I do NOT pay attention to had job losses higher at 700,000, its anyones guess right now.

    I think 6.9% unemployment is certain.
  3. I wouldn't be shocked at 750k, a million is stretching it for December but isn't out of the question for January.

    A lot of the employees that I have spoken with at large companies were concerned about layoffs in January.
  4. To anyone 25 and younger with a college degree: Just be grateful to have a job....
  5. Well, I'm not sure what industry they're in, but usually, you put people out in December before year end so the new budget is fresh and running come January.
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    Yes thats been my experience as well. Usually surviving November is the key when layoffs are coming. I would think that most big companies have done their layoffs for the first round. I'd expect round two to be in April as companies see how the 1st quarter goes. Only companies laying off in January I think would be retailers as there should be several bankruptsies.
  7. companies operate on fiscal year not calendar year, so i don't see why december is anything special unless your fiscal year happens to be jan-dec or unless you're in a particular business that goes through seasonal cycles like retail.
  8. This month will be salvaged via the b/d adj by adding 70 to 100k when it should be subtracting.

    Next month will be minus 1 to 2 million.
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    493 million jobs have been lost worldwide because of $60 Trillion loss. Everybody looks at Job data released by government. But nobody thinks of job-loss which can be equated with $60 Trillion

    Wal-Mart is worth $250 Billion and $60 Trillion = $60,000 Billions.

    Now 60,000/250 = 240. So $60 Trillion = 240 Wal-Mart companies.

    This means loss of $60 Trillion has shut down 240 Wal-Mart companies in the world.

    Wal-Mart has 2,055,000 employees.

    Now 2,055,000 x 240 = 493200000

    This means 493 million jobs have been lost worldwide because of $60 Trillion loss from commodities, stocks, bonds, real estate. This is DEFINATELY beyond rescue.
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    Mr Pain

    Your logic is very flawed. Paper loss in stock value does not equate to layoffs. If a stock loses 50% does that mean half the employees are laid off? If it goes up 100% does that mean they hire double the staff?
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