One law ?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by nutmeg, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. If you could write one law and have it enforced by thugs, what would it be?
  2. Enforce study of advance communication skills in high school, emotions, empathy, listening etc

    and ENFORCE TAKING OF Omega 3 fish oil

    I am not shiting you, these things would really advance our society
  3. Personally, i think justice should be administered by jolly, yet somewhat malevolent and unpredictable leprachauns.

    Theres a number of options here, among them being
    "Gimme your money", but maybe you were being serious; i happen to think most criminal/common law statutes could be abolished, and replaced with "dont be a c---", sort of a simplification of tort, common and criminal law.

    Unfortunately, it would require truly wise and just folk to arbiter such a mechanism, perhaps-perhaps "magistrates, materialised out of pure potentiality":D, and i dont know where you would find any at this point in time.

    Hence, i would still lean toward the leprachauns in the matter.
    They might be malevolent, unpredictable, but im sure if you caught one you could kick the c**p out of it, in the event you knew you were wrongly done by via the justice system.

    And maybe you could bribe them with guiness, i dont know, but worth keeping in mind.
  4. this is deep, this is truly deep.

    I intend to spend days pondering this :D
  5. Well, I've thought about.

    A good law would be a law against holding grudges. "Eh, Joey, remember when I dropped the can opener on your foot? You still mad about that? Well, guess what. You have to fugedhaboutit. There's a new law about holding grudges. So fck off"
  6. All criminals must be in jail. Biggest one's first. That means, Federal politicians.
  7. Freedom of Speech.
    ALthough I do not condone thugs. Government , in some degree is the answer.