One large LCD screen or two smaller LCDs?

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  1. Hi all,

    I saw a really nice 22" LCD deal for $250.

    I am thinking of jumping in, that's going to be my second monitor as I already have one. It will allow me simultaneously watching several charts and multiple accounts, as well as news.

    However, I also saw ads for 19" LCD deal and with $250 - $300 I can almost buy two 19" LCDs, which lead to 3 monitors all together.

    Which configuration is better for trading?

    I am newbie in day-trading so I don't want to get into too fancy trading setups for example, setups of those millionaire traders... etc. :=)

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  3. So is 2 smaller LCDs better than 1 larger LCD?
  4. IMO 2 x19 inch monitors is better than 1 22 inch monitor. An extra monitor is always better. I know. I have 15 of them. :)

    Having said that...

    19-inch conventional 4:3 ratio is good. But 19-inch wide (16:9) is terribly small actually. 19-inch wide feels like the old 17-inch monitor. A 22-inch wide feels more like the old 19-inch.

    I agree that you should be able to get 22-inch for less than $250.

    Maybe drop by some used PC stores. As so many businesses go under, they probably have plenty of inventory for the old 4:3 19-inch LCD mons (the best I think) for under $100. These things last a fairly long time.
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    not only a better, it's bigger. do the math...
    single 22" is 18.5" x 12" display size. single 19"(not widescreen) is 12" x 15" you going to have 12" X 30" in total with two 19" monitors..
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    Dell just had 22", 228WFP, discounted to $160. Decent monitor for TN. If you're not in a hurry, might keep looking for that sort of deal.
  7. I also bought some Acer 22" one for $119 and one for $149. Keep an eye out for rebates at Microcenter if there is one in your area. I plan on adding another. They are good for trading, but I use a better on for everyday use since the colors are a little washed out on the Acer's.
  8. I run one 24" Acer and and just upgraded my smaller monitors to two 22" Acers. I love the 24 but for trading I would be more comfortable with two 19's. These Acers are cheap at tigerdirect right now.
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    Mr J

    Two smaller screens will offer more screen space, but why not just get another two large ones? If you work on this setup (I assume you do), then the additional expense shouldn't be significant/
  10. The answer is a definite YES (and about the only one you will get in trading).

    With three screens you can manage your trading much better than you can with two. And remember, with trading as with most everything else that (ambitious) people do, you will always want to become bigger and better.

    IOW, I now have three screens and they simply are not enough, I definitely need four.

    When I get my next rig, I will probably just jump to a six-screen setup. :D

    Good trading
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