One if by land, two if by sea, three if by air

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  1. On April 19, 1775 "The Shot Heard Round The World" was fired on the village green at Lexington, Massachusetts. It was the beginning of the American Revolution.

    On the night of April 18, Paul Revere and William Dawes and Robert Prescott had ridden from Boston through the countryside toward Lexington to warn the Minutemen that the British army was marching toward Concord Massachusetts to seize their stockpile of weapons. American patriots stood up to a better-equipped foreign army to declare that no foreign government and their army had the right to impose themselves on native citizens of another society.

    Eight years later the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States declared the right of citizens to bear arms in defense of their country, to prevent the kind of actions that had taken place on April 18-19, 1775 of the British army presuming to seize the Americans' stockpile of weapons.

    In Massachusetts we commemorate April 19, 1775, the first day of the American Revolution, each year on a monday holiday called "Patriots' Day". That's the day of the Boston Marathon, which interestingly enough commemorates the last day of a much more ancient war, in Marathon, Greece.

    The Boston Marathon runs by, a mile away from my house, and Lexington is just a few miles away.

    I am writing this to remind you that we celebrate Patriots' Day to remember that no invading army has the right to impose their rule on the sovereign citizens of another nation. If a foreign army presumes to invade another nation, that nation has the right to bear whatever weapons it may possess to repell the foreign invaders.

    These are the principles upon which the American Revolution was begun 228 years ago, in the very place from which I am typing this message.
    These are the principles which any true American patriot must stand by.

    On Sunday April 13, 2003 Americans will be lining the route of Paul Revere's ride on Massachusetts Avenue from Boston to Lexington to "Stand Up For Peace".
    • [*]Stop the bombing of Iraq
      [*]Bring the troops home
      [*]Money for communities, not for war
    Greater Boston United for Justice with Peace
  2. "These are the principles upon which the American Revolution was begun 228 years ago"

  3. bring ur ass to iraqi as a human shield with ur UN flag:mad:
  4. JayS


    Is an unjust peace better than a just war?
  5. I agree with u on the $$$ part but the rest is nonsense.

    The middle east to me is like a basket full of crabs. no one crab is able to get out of the basket without the other crabs pulling it back in. all the other muslim countries are jealous of the possibility of a wealthy and democratic iraq....human psychology

    another positive effect of the war in iraq that is not mentioned in the media is the fact that no countries in their right mind will have anything to do with supporting terrorism from now on..unless they want to join sadamn
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    and I thought it was about no taxation without representation or a tyrant imposing his will or perhaps people not having a say in their own destiny or the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    You are entitled to your opinion and I hope you enjoy your march, it is just that I am just glad your opinion is in the minority.
  7. "There never was a good war, or a bad peace"
    - Benjamin Franklin
  8. If Bush and Blair succeed in imposing their will on Iraq, make certain that the people of Iraq (those who survive our attacks on them) are guaranteed their rights to life (many Iraqi men, women and children are being killed by us right now) liberty and that the oil of Iraq belongs to the people of Iraq and not to the conquering U.S. and British, and that they have the deciding say in their own destiny.

    You would like to believe that my opinion is in the minority. You may in fact find it is more of an increasingly less-silent majority.
  9. y dont u wait until the troops come home and protest/march????
    sound very patriotic to me wouldnt u think???
  10. There are many U.S. veterans protesting this war, saying "Support Our Troops: Bring Them Home".

    Once they're back, there's no point in protesting. The point is to protest the fact that they are there, and shouldn't be.
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