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  2. Yeah. Nothing like being able to go 200 mph when you are in gridlock.

    It looks nice, but for $1.4M does it come with dent resistant body panels a-la Saturn. Gotta think about these things when you go to Wal-mart.
  3. I'd take this one over the Lambo anytime. To be honest, the Reventon doesn't quite develop the Lambo idea in the way I'd like to see. Maybe it's a Euro thing but it's just a bit too close to the Countach which looks dated to me now. Front end treatment is a bit more modern, I guess.
  4. Timmay: "You know I could of had two of them parked in my mom's driveway. Now I take public transportation."

    Nutmeg: How'd you do it Tim?

    Timmay; Buying and Selling pencils.

    Nutmeg: "What'd ya selling now?

    Timmay: "Billy Beer"
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  7. nice car but not doable for a working grunt like you (not in 2 lifetimes)

    smthg within reason, please :D
  8. 2003 VW GTI 5speed. The funnest car I have ever owned. It gets 30mpg. Was only $18k. 77,000k miles and no major issues (knock on wood). air intake and you have pocket rocket action on the cheap...good times.

    My neighbors son is a mechanic at the local dub dealership and says the 08`s are sicccccckkkk

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