One good thing about Republicans and the FED we have to admit exists

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    The republicans reluctance in raising and indexing the minimum wage combined with a inflation state is a way to pass minimum wage decreases without a law, which is one reason why you have unemployment rate 4.6%. Five dollars an hour is still better than zero the last time I checked.
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    Where did you check that? On your pay stub?

    That makes you feel good when others get slave wages?

  3. The economy is zero sum last time I checked. You are in direct competition with everyone else on the planet. So don't be so surprised when someone suggests something like that.

  4. Great post man, great post.

    I'll just leave it at that.


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    Does it feel good to endorse a policy that helps a minority while prevents the lowest skilled and poorest workers from getting employed while you sit in your couch and blame all the problems in the world in oil companies while eating cheetos and expand all your ignorance in economics by watching the daily show?
  6. Nobel winners call for minimum wage hike

    More than 650 economists, including five winners of the Nobel Prize for economics, called Wednesday for an increase in the minimum wage, saying the value of the last increase, in 1997, has been "fully eroded."

    The economists wrote that they share the view of a 1999 Council of Economic Advisors Economic report that found "the weight of the evidence suggests that modest increases in the minimum wage have had very little or no effect on employment."


    Wowza, increases in minimum wage have little to no effect on employment?!?!?! And to think Daal said not raising the wage is one reason for the low unemployment we have today!!
  7. Major reason for "low" unemployment is the creative [deceitful] way Gummint measures it.
  8. Well it wouldn't surprise me as the Fed chairman a couple months ago tryed to pass off the economy as good citing nominal wage increases of the past 5 years and getting an earful from a senator who reminded him of laging real wages.

    The Admin. basically is only interested in passing tax cuts for the rich. Wage issue, healthcare, the trade imblance with China all gets pushed to the back. As long as they get their blood money from Iraq and push to eliminate the income tax altogether, who cares about the rest of America.
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    thats not the increase that hurts the population, its the increase from 0 to 5.15
    and regarding the nobel prize winners calling from increases LOL, I willing to bet that majority of economics nobel prize winners are against the minimum wage plus there a quite few quasi-communist winners that are more marxists than marx
  10. Well... if they pass tax cuts, they HAVE to pass them for the rich. THE RICH ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO PAY SIGNIFICANT TAXES. Instead of complaining about the rich, (1) all the social welfare teatsuckers should be GREATFUL for us, and (2) some teatsuckers should get off the teat and go make themselves rich. (America never promised "everyone will be rich"; the door is open for most people to TRY to make themselves rich, and that still holds).... but I digress.

    The biggest problem with tax policy is that the Gummint wants to make tax-cuts permanent. That really means they want to make HUGE DEFICIT SPENDING permanent. Eventually THAT will crush the $USD and bankrupt all but the super-rich.
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