One expensive garbage can we're filling

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  1. Give me your tired, your poor... No wait, just unload your bums, drifters, criminals and otherwise the bottom of the barrel. We don't mind paying for it all.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The conservative Heritage Foundation is claiming in a new report that bipartisan immigration legislation pending in the Senate would cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion.

    The study from the Republican-led group opposed to an immigration overhaul is sure to come under fire. Already, the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute has decried it as "fatally flawed." Critics say it doesn't measure economic boosts from the bill.

    Heritage says the costs come from more than $9 trillion in government benefits to newly legalized immigrants over their lifetimes — only partially counterbalanced by $3 trillion they would pay in taxes.

    During Congress' last immigration debate, in 2007, a Heritage report said the bill under consideration at the time would cost $2.6 trillion. The conclusion was criticized, but carried weight with Republicans and the bill was defeated.
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    I thought we were supposed to secure the borders, balance the budget and have a govt capable of laying the foundation for an expanding economy and an expanding need for workers before we decided to allow more people in.

    We cant have a crappy economy and a big giveaway system at the same time..

    that would be nuts.

    I know lets send terrorist to school and give them free money.

    Our polticians are traitors. Lets work on fixing the economy and the budget first.
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    Is infinitely better than Obama's NO budget plan.
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    The left trys to denigrate a politican who trying to balance our budget.

    No wonder rcg likened people who love america and want to balance the budget are to terrorists.
  5. Yes, it's a stretch to believe any budget plan could produce that unemployment rate, but anyone who believes that taking in 20+ million illegals won't cost us trillions of dollars is being just as foolish. The ROI on amnesty is terrible, and the risk/reward is even worse.