One day....

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  1. ..... cable companies would give out free TV for signing with them for their cable service--like how they do it with cell phone and net books.

    I hope that day would come soon.

  2. back in the day, in Detroit, the utility co used to give out free light bulbs. Do you know why that ended? Because the lame ass retailers sued and said they can't make any money selling light bulbs.

    Fast forward x number of years when I was in retailing, guess what, you can't make any money on light bulbs, they are loss leaders.

    (I'm talking about incandescent, the kind that say WMT sells for 79 cents pk of 2 or 4 and probably cost the retailer about 75.)

    Bunch of dopes ruined a good freebie.

    OTH, the current crop of dopes running whatever business are much more innovative when it comes to shit for brains.

    What's today? Oh Thursday, I'm sorry we are out of easter eggs care for a memeorial day flag?
  3. We never had free lightbulbs in Toronto, but I wish they offer it tho.

    In Detroit did they give out unlimited quantity or did they only give out a certain amount back in those days? I am just wondering if there were any people ruining this good thing buy selling these free bulbs to other states in bulk--arbitrage style. lol
  4. at band camp.
  5. LOL

    Good one!