One Day The Islamic Flag Will Fly Over The White House

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    about 12:30 in:

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  2. website link?
  3. At some point, the WORLD will be ruled by Islam.

    1. They are already 25% of the world's population.

    2. They have the highest fecundity of any religion/group/ethnicity, by far

    3. Their extremist faction is willing to KILL EVERYONE who doesn't kowtow to their religion.

    4. The world is not willing to wage war to eliminate their threat.
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  5. A lot are leftist anti-war denyers who think loving people will prevent your enemies from killing you. [​IMG]
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    85% of americans state they are Christina.

    I suspected about half or more could not be converted... even by the sword.
  9. You should follow your own advice, and not try to tell other people what to think. Being American involves not believing that you have the right to determine what other people think or feel.

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