One Data Feed for Two Computers?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by RNW, May 1, 2004.

  1. RNW


    I'm getting IB-TWS data via cable into a Linksys router BEFSR41 v2. and have two computers I would like to have receive this data. Is this possible without two subscriptions??
  2. nitro



    Just distribute the data over the network.

  3. jingo911


    thx nitro, but how would one actually do that?

  4. Can this be done with other Data vendors with popular charting software like ..., if yes, how?

    I thought the only way were to have multi-monitor video card,
    which again just useful for one user at a time to use only
  5. assuming the other computer receiving the data from IB is using 3rd party software to receive the data, such as Medved QuoteTracker:

    then yes, you can do that. If you get QuoteTracker, just email support for the custom configuration file that will let you connect to TWS running on a different computer.
  6. Is it possible with realtick?
  7. taigong


    Where does QuoteTracker get historical data? If there is historical data, how many years of historical data are available?

    Thanks in advance for the reply.
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  9. QT stores the quotes as it receives them from the level I datafeed. It can also backfill the quotes if the datafeed supports it (IB does not right now, but should be in the near future)

    You can use different datafeeds for Level I an Backfill so you can get one of the subscription sources if you need, or a different broker account. For example, has $7 backfill option.

    QT can have 10 days of intraday data on the live charts. Historical charts are independent of the quote source and come from, that has years of data.