One click order entry from chart ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tradersaavy, May 26, 2004.

  1. Been searching for charting software that lets you point to the screen and click on price for instant order entry interfaced to a trading platform.

    Of course, default order specifics can be set for order type, size, etc.
  2. I believe you can do this with Esignal using the intergrated broker software. Have a look at the other brokers that are available. I know IB is one, but there are a few others.

  3. nkhoi


    have you try turn off order confirmation feature?
  4. Thanks for the replies so far.

    In Esignal, there is an interface but it does not allow price to be entered from actually clicking on the chart. There still is another entry window.

    NKHOI, yes with IB I can turn off confirmation and when I click it goes, but I am looking for price to be entered from the price level that I click on the actual chart. Guess I should have clarified that.

    Still searching.