One Chicago SSF Busts

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by u130747, Nov 18, 2002.

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    One Chicago is busting all trades between 8:15 and 8:53.

    They sure have their shit together huh?

  2. They're really giving this SSF thing a proper send off.

    I wish the SSF's were as active as the IB bulletins about them have been.

    And now ARCA is having their usual technical shit as well. I tell you, it's amazing anyone makes money in this game sometimes.
  3. its a brand new system. you can never work out every last bug before the initial rollout. that is why trading is light, no big rush to be first , i'm waiting until after Island joins in.
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    I am wondering why people think SSF will succeed here when they have failed in other countries.
  5. me too
  6. Good question. I think the hope lies with the many new hedge funds that are very active traders. Hedging SSF's against ETF's could be attractive, plus SSF's are superior for shorting. All depends on liquididty and spreads. Personally, I've got enough stuff to watch as it is.
  7. 1. Other countries don't have pattern daytrading restrictions

    2. Other countries probably don't have uptick rules for shorting

    3. From my very scant observations, my impression at least, is that other countries don't have as liquid an options market. It would be pointless to say that because options trading is illiquid and unprofitable in other countries, that the US options markets won't be liquid and profitable.
    I think US Single Stock Futures have the likelihood of being as much more successful than those in other countries as US options are compared to other countries' options, and for the same reasons (whatever those reasons are).
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    ... Here in Chicago we want SSF's to succeed but are not hopeful. Don't see much compelling institutional need for the contracts. Great vehicle for retail but but IMO it will be a bucket shop. Pay a nickle over fair value for the privilege of the leverage. Futures work best when there is an under developed central pricing mechanism in the underlying. Hard to "tighten up" most NASD issues.
  9. Maybe they are too close to the CBOE ...
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