One Bad Trade

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  1. This is the wrong emotion, but I'm PISSED at myself! I make a lot of good trades with very good timing, then suddenly I lose a lot on one bad trade, which is overleveraged, and this seriously kills my other profits.

    Anybody have these experiences?
  2. euphoria leads to recklessness.. yes, we all deal with this.. recommend reading "Trading in the Zone" by Douglas for help on dealing with this..

  3. 40Deuce


    what are your specific RULES re: defense?
    how do you typically lose 'a lot' on that one trade?
  4. Everyone who trades has had these experiences.
  5. morning
  6. You probably need more capital in order to allocate less per trade.

  7. What do you mean you "lost a lot"?

    How did you lose?
  8. I hate it when that happens.


  9. See steps 13, 34 and 35 to becoming a successful trader:

  10. "a lot" is relative, and I'm sure my $4,000 is nothing compared to your million dollars.
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