One anna Two anna....Safe Sectors..NOT

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gold_Ric, Oct 4, 2002.

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    Again for the last Time, Watch those earning suprises..Who put the ooo in ooogly

    Employment news was mixed. Payrolls fell, but September unemployment was
    5.6%, below expectations of 5.9%.

    ...Well Mondays a new Day. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! Get the market of ya brain, enjoy!

    Peace to all

    DST: Profit 1/2 Taken
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    Your pre-mkt post was wrong.
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    Did you have a point you were trying to make? Or are you the mesiah?

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    10-04-02 09:42 AM
    no rally

    Did you expect one? By the way Rally? We have been ralling since Naz 5k, Where you been?