One 10' Wheel Chair Ramp: $700,000

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    Only in a liberal bastion like San Francisco can this happen. It sounds like a payout to someones political buddies more than anything.

    By the time the final tab comes in, the cost of designing and installing a ramp to the president's chair at the Board of Supervisors - a project now under way - is expected to top out at $699,413.

    First, it took two companies, at a total cost of $132,205, to come up with a design that passed architectural muster for a designated historic landmark. The cost in city staff time to oversee the planning hit $38,434. That's $170,639.

    Then came the job itself.

    To install the ramp, the board's majestic podium is being taken apart, raised five steps above the chamber's floor, then put back together.

    Costs include $25,200 for materials, $201,678 for labor and $49,000 for a set of historically accurate brass handrails. Outside historic experts to keep an eye on the work are getting $48,824.

    Miscellaneous costs bring the construction job's total to $477,000 and change.

    Also, because the job could take 10 weeks, the supervisors have set aside $51,042 to pay for relocating board meetings.