Once Wsj Starts Talking Melting Ice Caps, You Know Its Game Over For Denialists

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  1. Only a partisan idiot would sign a letter that begins with this....".The U.K. Met Office recently released data showing that there has been no statistically significant global warming for almost 16 years. During this period, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), carbon dioxide (CO2) " and consider it at all relevant.

    If someone does NOT know how irrelevant this "fact" is (actually a cherry picked two points on a fluctuating chart of yearly average temps)they are simply an idiot, or ignorant, or a partisan hack. I suspect the latter is the case here. There is no change in trend and the trend is up. Over 98% of the world's CLIMATOLOGISTS, not physicists, not meteorologists, not geologists..... CLIMATOLOGISTS concur, the emission of vast quantities of the greenhouse gas CO2, due to the burning of coal, oil and gas, is raising the temperature of the earth. If in fact one were to poll all of the aforementioned scientists who are not climatologists, over 90% would also agree.

    Every science organization in the world also agrees.

    Every university also agrees. Maybe not Bob Jones.

    The fact is is that only a very tiny minority of scientists disagree with the overwhelming evidence. Frankly I have hard time believing that even those scientists signed such a ridiculous document.
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    The 24 who disagree? Petroleum geologists! LOL
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  3. OK, thank you. Now I know what I'm dealing with. You don't know what a fossil fuel is and you don't know why burning large quantities of it can release large amounts of CO2. It's obvious now. You are simply an idiot.
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    Global warming will save lives.
    It will allow soybeans production to increase in Canada and the whole longitude temperate zone. Soybeans have the protein the world needs to feed itself.

    Global warming will increase food production to feed a starving population.

    The negative effects are that people who live along waterways will drown if they don't move. If you look at voting geography it will be mostly democrats and they will likely not have the intelligence to move. This is the biggest problem.

    I have more hope that the Polar bears will survive then the Coastal Democrats.
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    RCG, You even go to the movie theater with Black audience?
    Lots of Black comedians make a living talking about this stuff. In your mind are they as cracked as Nutmeg?
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    Sub arctic soils do not support the production of cereal grains to the extent temperate soils do. Furthermore, the circumference of the earth towards the poles is smaller.
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  7. I'm not an idiot , I'm just ignorant when it comes to being educated on things that are not true.
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  9. I apologize. I agree that you are not an idiot. You are simply closed-minded. All the charts. facts and opinion of experts will not change your mind. There is nothing that would.

    Come to think of it, being closed minded is WORSE than being an idiot. At least the idiot has an excuse.
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