Once we hit SPX 4440--longs, be careful out there. Good luck!

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  1. Time to be careful...take care
  2. maxinger


    Once we hit SPX 4440--longs, be careful out there. Good luck!


    Whether it hits SPX 4440 or not,

    --longs or shorts,

    trade carefully every trading day.

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  3. Nine_Ender


    Just like longs were supposed to be careful at 2300, 2800, 3000, 3400, 3600, 4000, 4200 right ? Funny how nobody posts shorts better be careful in a thread even though it's a bull market. Risk and returns in indexes in either direction are pretty minimal at this point. There are plenty of "overvalued" and "undervalued" stocks out there. Why would you care about a US index at this point ?

    This year reminds me of 2019, and people on here spent the whole year saying the market would drop when there was no real reason for it to do so.
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  4. What's the significance of 4400?

    Thank you.
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  5. Girija


    4440 he said. It is an angel number. Go long at that number and may be hold until 5550?.....
  6. traider


    Shorts have to be extra careful the market is buy trigger happy
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  7. LMFAO @ anyone calling tops or bottoms. Its a fools errand.
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  8. Relentless


    He didn't call a top.

    Cant blame him for trying to keep people from buying at these nosebleed levels.

  9. The market isnt "crashing" anytime soon
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  10. traider


    You can't blame the people. JPow is practically handing out cash to the mega rich. They can't keep it all in their basement.
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