Once this Citiground party dies down

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  1. the shorting profits will be big
  2. Just a short covering rally. No one in their right mind would buy into the common stock.
  3. be careful.
  4. One? Maybe try using the word When in there?

    I love the market advice and predictions from people too stupid to form a coherent sentence.
  5. Commodity shares are surging.
    Traders are making money in energy, drilling, steel, and coal stocks today. If you think some of these stocks like BTU are "shorts" at $21.00, feel free to sell 1,000 shares . . .
  6. This is Another Great opportunity a bear market rally to sell into.
  7. Sounds like a rather naive statement to make at this juncture.

    What sectors are you talking about?
    Please be specific.

    Would you be selling the OIH "short" at this level ( 77.50 ) with crude +$4.40 and an OPEC meeting at the end of the week?
  8. be careful. this market was as oversold as it was in oct. can go farther than most people think
  9. in the beginning of the bear market most people buy the dips and think what a great opportunity to get long and get hurt.
    At the end of a bear market most people think every rally attempt is a great short opportunity and get hurt.
    Where are we now ? I don't know but I think some more people have to be hurt on this rally.
  10. This can easily be +25% from 750 by end of December.
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