Once the euro ends, what will be the next most liquid pair?

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  1. Once the EUR/USD ends in a couple years... What currency pair will become the next dominantly traded pair? The USD/GBP? The USD/New German Currency, or the USD/A Chinese Currency?
  2. I like that, always thinking ahead. If you are confident the EUR will breakdown, you can bet on it and when it does (if you are correct) you will have so much money you can host your own website.

    But I can see your point. If you are young and looking for something you can devote your life to, EUR/USD is a little iffy.

    If or when the EUR breaks down, we will all go to SDR's (special depository receipts) and that is how international banking will be done.

    But even then, there will be plenty of local currency speculation.

    But I like your idea of looking for the big picture.

    I went long Duracell. Never made much money on that deal. But I would have if everything they said about Y2k had ever come to pass. (but they did send me some free razor blades.)
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  4. that's nothing short of brilliant!
  5. I'm going to be bullish the euro later this year as the fiscal crisis approaches here... But I'm just thinking long term. Is it worth doing much analysis of the Eur/Usd if it's unlikely to survive more than a couple more years?
  6. I just had a random though...

    Why can I go back to the mid 1980's on the EUR/USD charts when it was created in 1999 according to Wikipedia???

    Is the data for back then generated off of the underlying currencies that were merged?
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    i sense sarchasm here. eujy was king of ccyies a while ago. not now. eu has production and eur 30% lower will make eu competitive against chinese/indians.

    everyone forgetting jpy is a major ccy. and i have nicest memories.
  8. Everybody wants their currency to go down, but down against what?


  9. I think the sarcasm came from the OP asking what's next after the Euro fails (but he put EUR/USD in error, as if that pair "fails" then so do all EUR crosses,) and you suggested another Euro based pair.

    Logically it doesn't make sense.
  10. I'm not talking about the EUR/USD going down. I was talking about the EUR being "discontinued" as a currency. Out of print, etc... Leading up to that it will be doing a lot of going down and volatility is going to be back in a HUGE way in the next couple years.

    The only way the currency will survive is if the EU forms a centralized Fiscal union and government... Is merkel willing to do that? No...
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