Once Jailed Banker Gets $104 Million Whistleblower Payout

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  2. just goes to show.. when things look bleak, keep your head up. :D
  3. Crime does "pay". :cool: :( :mad::eek:
  4. If you're in New York reading this, you can get REALLY rich by blowing the whistle on Wall Street.

    Anonymous recently hacked a U.S. exchange's records. Wonder if they'll get paid in BitCoins.
  5. Come to think of it, don't start a career anywhere except at a large financial institution. If they've had legal problems in the past, all the better.

    With these huge amounts, your career should be focused on hacking or leaking a financial firm's data. You could be retired for life, in your 20's! What other opportunity provides that? Hmm?

    You don't even have to know all about a particular fraud. Get into the company's computer, and go home and read up on what you happened to get.

    It's open season on Wall Street. Let the whiners be jealous. Get the money and run. Seriously.
  6. Do you think that if you worked at Chase and got some dirt on Jamie Dimon you would be rewarded? You would get financially ruined and never hold a good job again.
    All whistle blowers generally get is their backdoor broken in. This guy is the exception that proves the rule.

  7. Don't be such a pussy.

    Get some bloodlust. String up a CEO, and ride off with a huge bag of loot.
  8. I hope nobody on this site makes LESS than $100,000...but if you jokers do...

    you need to make that for 1,000 YEARS plus to match what this clown made blowing the whistle.

    nobody wants to work like a slave and get paid peanuts

    cash out, spread the wealth, travel, and get off the grid for 10 years
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