once and for all FX broker that's real deal

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  1. infooo


    not a bucketshop

    CMC markets.ca

    people trust me or don't, these guys are for real

    I have been with them for 2 years

    you know why, no IP blocking, no platform freezing, no dealing desk.

    once you get profitable, they will just treat you better not worse

    PURE professionalism

    24 HR help

    they even have help chat 24 hr built into their platform

    they are great

    but I am not sure if they service USA

    their spread is not the best, but I am glad to pay it
  2. What does the dot .ca mean, if you dont mind?

    They do some spread betting etc to i gather, but what time frame are you talking about here, for said reliability?

    Last i checked it made a stack of difference, a-certain-other-MM said straight out, trades lasting less than -i think they said 90 min , was considered scalping.


    Not a problem to me, most are like that, but nice if they MENTIONED these things in their sales pitch.
    I never liked cmc's charting platform, maybe its got better, i doubt it somehow.

  3. In the uk they were/still called deal4free but they quickly became better known as 'steal4free.

    A leopard never changes its spots etc, dyor...
  4. Lol, maybe so. Maybe they can moult or something, slightly different spots.

    Ive looked at these things endlessly, and rarely heard such acclaim, not from someone with more than a few posts at least.
    Not that that should be an indication of anything .

    Why fore you say such things, infoo?

    Im endlessly flipping trial platforms, and for mine , only one has ever passed muster chartwise, and even thats only suggesting -overall a great product, "In the market niche", which is saying not too much i guess.
  5. If "their spread is not the best" and they charge no commissions, then, by default, they are a dealing desk dealer aka market maker aka bucketshop.

    In addition, any (glowing or not) recommendation of a forex dealer, without describing one's typical trade duration and news trading patterns (if any), is of very limited value.
  6. inf000


    I day trade, average trade lasts 4 hours

    only 2-4 trades per day per FX pair

    so if your method is scalping or some kind of other magic

    then CMC is not for you,

    but if you a "reasonable" trader like me

    no problem
  7. Rocko1


    Inf000/infooo obviously doesn't know much about trading. This kind of scam would never work here, it's ET, not some newbie filled forum.
  8. inf000


    what are you brain dead

    who says I can't change my name

    did it ever occur to you that changing name on forum every months is actually a good idea

    YOU my friend don't know much about trading not me.
  9. Carry888


    I have traded with CMC in Australia.

    It is a marketmaker/bucket shop, and like FXCM engages in all the typical tricks (requotes, stophunting, outrageous finance charges - especially on exotic pairs).

    They make their money like FXCM does from heavy advertising (as well as tight spreads for popular pairs) to make sure they have a steady flow of newbies to fleece.
  10. Chood


    This is the second recent thread pumping this forex retailer. The first one tried to convince the audience that the retailer's practice of re-quoting prices is a sign of fairness (i.e., honest dealing), not the opposite.
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