once again long in sunw

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  1. Initiated first long position as a position trade in sunw @3.73.
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    that was nice. See HOV also
  3. HOV???:confused:
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    I ws too brief I guess.

    SUNW was a pick ou mde and posted to help others along.

    I was just adding HOV (another stock symbol) to share as well.

    I pick sticks just ahead of their break outs. I thought that you would enjoy seeing it do it's break out by being able to monitor it a day ahead of the BO. It's up 6% today for example. so are lots of stocks.

    In ET, some people look at a person's credibility by how well they do stuff in real time. I did it just the way you did SUNW sort of.

    If you post a stock that is going to break out ahead, then people see it happen and that may cause them to think about why it happened or a lot of other issues.

    I hope you liked watching it or going in.
  5. May I ask why?
    What do you see in SUNW here?
  6. this reminds me of Yhoo! Ugh!

    Why don't you articulate WHY you are entering SUNW!

    ET isn't a pump and dump board... bro! We really don't need YHOO! rejects... no offense.

  7. Hi Bubba,

    yes, HOV looks nice, but I wonder a little bit about the short interest, man.
    Anyway good luck.
  8. 1)Sunw is a low risk trade at those levels, maybe sunw will come down a little more, but you never get the low. Sunw has a big support @$ 2,34 because that's the book value.

    2)Sunw had some nice gaps on the way down, recently. Gaps tend to be filled.

    3) Sunw is oversold.

    Last time I was posting a Sunw buy recommendation, Sunw doubled within a few months, please check my postings.
  9. here are the original postings:

    04-17-03 03:05 PM
    Will the SUNW shine again?
    Seems that sunw is getting pounded like a piece of meat. The more it falls, the more attractive it becomes to me. Cash @ about $1. So downside shouldn't be more than $2. My last cash per share related pick was a long in GLW.
    Also think that stocks, like cats, have many lives.

    06-12-03 08:43 PM

    Almost a 2-bagger, so it is time to take my profits in SUNW.

    Things are getting very hot on the long side, also have almost a 3-bagger in ADRX, which I will also sell today.

    My thinking: Don't believe the hype on the long side. This is not a bull market yet.

  10. Update: Trade done, sold@3.86. Only a small gain of about 3% on the position. Still think Sunw has potential till $4.20-4.50.

    Liquidated because I will concentrate more money with another trade.
    #10     Aug 21, 2003