Once again ETers I am giving you a fish...GNK

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by retaildaytrader, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. I gave you such stocks as PAL and BIDU in the past. Now its time to throw you another fish. While I am overly short the market today...shorting IYR via DRV at the top of today, I am fairly bullish on the shippers, but not just any shipper.

    It is now time to go LONG GNK. Once again, I am giving you your fish. The thing that you crave and hunt for on this website. Dont mess this one up...
  2. ptrjon


    your encouragement to short AAPL, was that a "fish" too?
  3. not too bad

    stock logic better then your luggage logic
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  5. Well, I am very very bored, so I ride this train with ya RDT.

    Here is my chart of GNP.

    My analysis says long at 22.78.

    You're about two weeks late on your delivery of the fish, but hey, why not?

    Caveat Emptor
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    Yes, this looks like it is going to 30 by year end.

    RDT - I know you didn't encourage others or call it a fish, but are you still holding your ES short from 1193 and looking for 1180?
  7. Some of you guys are so against my stuff that you decide to read all of my stuff. Hey man, you are the one clicking on it...so if you clicked on it then don't complain. Its your decision to read it.

    The ES is an actively traded instrument and its not meant to be held. Due to the margin requirements and other brokerage variables, there is no way to hold through something like that in a futures account.

  8. Make it an anchovy and I'll be "all in"..