Once again bulls continue to win

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  1. Another huge day of buying with the nasdaq up a staggering 30 points and the dow setting a historical high once again.

    We are setting up for another massive tech when the nasdaq breaks out of this 3 month basin.

    The technicals and fundementals are as always very strong

    No bad news or anything

    oil only goes lower

    terror under control

    interest rates only to remain stable

    manufacturing & consumer spending strong

    as always,

    RIMM, TIE, CHAP, AAPL, CHAP, GOOG (will rebound to 513 again GREAT buying opp), AMR, MA, GS, BIDU
  2. yeah and dont forget another 13 k job lost and chyrsler
    everything is f..kn rosey in our little perfect world we have here
  3. its freaking amazing... buy anything.. indices, stocks, oil, gold, euros.... it all goes up... all the time...

    we are witnessing a liquidity fest. enjoy it while it lasts - this is where you can make life changing $$
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    well 13k job cuts are good for the COMPANY right? Since they dont have to pay them anymore/benefits..
  5. No worries... we need to work through the bears tearing their hair out first :D
  6. yeah but think of the spin off...13,000 blue collar people no longer making 100k a year.... not making mortgage payments. not getting drunk and driving their skidoos over thin ice and falling in. not buying labbatts 50 beer or export a cigarettes. not buying sleeveless undershirts - its a vicious spiral downwards
  7. I was shocked at how Ford and GM keep going up despite losing tons of cash

    Those stocks shouldnt be rallying but they are for some reason
  8. Its not so much that technicals are wrong... its just that so many dont think the mkt can go any higher..... so thus it takes very little to push this market up.

    Its times like these that's like having a huge party in your house, with a bunch of Ben Franklins as your guests. Times are great and the Ben Franklins keep on marching in through the front door..... but somepeople , worried that the Ben Franklins inside might leave, lock the doors.... shuting out the other Ben Franklins that are still outside......... and eventually the Franklins go to another house that has its doors open.

    Dont argue with the market..... instead of shorting or pulling out..... because you think we are done.....open your door and let the Ben frankins in.

    Party in my house since last July!! :cool: :cool:
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    you're full of it. everyone's worried? then why are so many bullish sentiment #'s screaming now? why is the vix 9? why has not one person on tv in 4 months mentioned a possible correction?why is every magazine and tv story wildy bullish? everyone tries to make out that theres all these bears to justify the mania. there's few bears and thats the facts
  10. Everyone should be making money hand over fist buying these dips, If your not then hang it up right now! because a blind man can make money in this market.
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