Once again about IB quality of software and customer relation policy.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by traderkr, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. traderkr


    I don't think that I am saying anything new. But reading this forum and having 2 years with IB, I don't find the answer to the simple question:
    Why the company with a great commissions structure, access to markets etc, provides the unreliable, sometimes dangerous software, doesn't' fix bugs, more of that introduces new versions of software with gimmicks features and new bugs in old features.
    Why the company doesn't realize that there is no such thing as a software upgrade during the trading hours? Why the company releases a new software without a primitive QA tests? Why, after all, it provides the disaster customer service and it doesn't show any responsibility to its faults.
    I definetly don't want just blame the IB. They have a great number of declared features. No competitors, at least here in Canada, nobody even close to them. But why, the hell, declaring and somewhere providing a great features, they don't do the single move to improve the quality of their business, especially software.