On track to not buy gas until July!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by andrasnm, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Just barely, but I think I'm going to make it.

    So I decided after filling up my 2008 VW Rabbit on June 11th for $59 that buying gas fucking sucks. And then I decided that I wasn't going to bitch about it. I wasn't going to blame speculators, Bush, environmentalists, those weird tree people in Berkeley, Arabs, OPEC, or oil companies. I was just not going to use as much of this awful, shitty product that is seriously fucking up our country.

    I hate buying gas. It's sucks. And I don't feel like supporting a bunch of shitface ragheads and simultaneously fucking up our planet just so Barbara Bush can buy more Monistat.

    So I have been driving a tiny bit less, combining trips, carpooling (4x total) and not pushing th RPMs past 3. And it worked. And I won't buy more gas until July. And I have more money for liquor now - and it rules.
  2. sim03


    Why even go on living?
  3. Don't forget to blame American oil companies, oil drilling companies, those having an economic boom in Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma, Boon Pickens, Canadians, Mexico, and I'm sure I've left some people out.
  4. I would probably buy gas today if I were you even though you don't need it. Looks like prices are going to get higher. Might as well get one more full tank before it goes up again.
  5. i ride a bicycle to the university and grocery store. i haven't had to buy gas in a long time. and i look better than ever :D
  6. please tell me you don't wear the fucked up helmet, socks, the spandex, all scootched over the handlebars like you've got cramps.........

    I told my neighbors, 'if you ever see my ass above my head, and my bicycle is nearby, I've been in an accident. Call an ambulance."
  7. No helmet, jeans and sneakers and a t-shirt. And its a $65 cheap chinese piece of shit mountain bike.