On this level 'acting' must be easy

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  1. I got an old movie "Daylight" playing in the background of my peripheral vision..

    'acting' on this level must be easy. Sylvestor was wonderful in "Rocky", Rocky2, Rocky3, Rocky4, Riocky 5 and Rocky6 ... but he was a shoein. Fit his personality and he played that brilliantly.

    but this freakin' movie.. . 'Daylight' ..and thousands others like it (not all his) .. well ,,you can memorize lines, you got a fairly familiar face your fairly reliable show up for work ..make a million dollars. at THIS level you too could be an actor :D

    generally most movies suck, waste of time. and that's the reason most aren't in center of my retina :D
  2. " but he was a shoein. Fit his personality and he played that brilliantly."

    The rest of the story ...................Enjoy!!!!

    What torment for a woman to give birth to a child afflicted at birth with what we now know as autism. Even after being told that several doctors agreed that she had to institutionalize the child, she said, "No way."

    Disruptive and self-destructive, he couldn't even be hugged or kissed. Doctors and specialists repeatedly told her she had to institutionalize her son. She refused. His unruly behavior at school was so egregiously disruptive he wasn't merely suspended, he was thrown out of his school. Permanently. Then another school expelled him... and another.

    His speech defect, and the flat feet which excluded him from athletic pursuits, and the mocking of the other kids, all added up to a ton of pain. That pain was expressed as disruptive behavior. He was eventually kicked out of seventeen schools. Can you imagine what it must have been like? How understandable to make the decision to give up on him? How much can a parent take? What hope for a productive future can such a child's parents expect? They felt as if they were running out of schools.

    They finally found a place for him in a private Swiss school. It was neither inexpensive, nor simple to accomplish. The certainty of accomplishment is vastly improved by the persistence of fierce love, of dedication to a child.

    At his 18th school he discovered a fascination with, and love of, art.
    He found it so soothing that he began to develop a measure of self-control. His ability to establish calm waters within his troubled self grew as his involvement with art increased. In later years, he would collect fine art. His interest and curiosity grew.

    He became more manageable, and began asking himself better questions. Every human who asks better questions ends up with better answers. One repeated effort of a specific task: asking a better question about anything we urgently wish we had.

    We ask ourselves, and this certainly includes you, any thousands of questions per day. Thousands and thousands of questions and decisions taken one at a time at fantastic speeds just in the course of tossing a set of keys back and forth between your left hand and your right hand.

    Too many of the questions we ask each day are externally focused. The quality of your thinking, and your decision-making instantly multiplies when you take some of the questions you're already asking, silently or aloud, consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, and replace just a few of them with better questions; questions that are focused inwardly; questions that you will definitely find you already have the answers to.

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    Back in the States, with a family of his own to feed, he struggled and struggled. One of the better answers he came up with was that, however rough things were in his life, he hadto spend at least a couple of hours per week trying to express his artistic side. In those minutes reserved just for his creative side, he wrote a screenplay that attracted interest. Broke as can be, he actually turned down a whopping $250,000 for the script, because the buyers wanted the script outright. He refused to let go of the script unless he could also direct the movie!! Wait, it gets better: He wanted to star in it, too!

    When your electric bill is unpaid, your refrigerator and cupboards empty, a quarter of a million dollars is one whale of a pile of money. His desire to direct and star in his creation was so great that the short-term challenges of physical hunger, pressure from the electric company to pay his bill or face turnoff, not to mention his wife and family, were factors he decided he had to tolerate in order to make his dream come true.

    Know for sure that you've got to have a dream if you're going to make a dream come true. Put a date on it, and it's not a dream anymore. It's now called a goal. At 20 million dollars per movie, the guy who refused to sell that script won his battle, developing fame as "Rocky."
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    You watch crap like the "Rocky" sequels and "Daylight" and then say "most movies suck"? That's kind of like of eating a plate of dirt for dinner and deciding that you don't like food.

    Try watching some decent fucking movies for a change.

  4. i'm not watching it it's just on.

    decent movies/ like what??
  5. bronks


    House of Sand and Fog
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  7. I agree with you, armoured saint. Most movies are dull. Sort of like watching a vegetarian grazing away!

    Though I do like to watch all them animal shows where those meat-eating carnivores love to devour their prey.

    But seriously, there is a lack of imagination in Hollyweird. Mostly all formulaic repeats.
  8. Easy. Anything not from Hollywood.
  9. If we are talking about all time great movies I would say

    "Plan 9 from outer space"

    "Reefer Madness"

    These are by far some of the best examples of great movie making and western culture...

    "Ghost Busters" is also a great classic movie, right up there with "Gone with the Wind".

    :p just kidding
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    Well, just by phrasing your question as you have you show a prejudice toward film, so you can read the following or ignore it. I won't try to convince you of the wonder of movies, except to express what they've meant to me. An example, from one period in my life:

    Yrs ago when I was in my 20's I moved to NYC from a small southern town and I experienced an immediate and very real "culture shock" in the big bad apple. I've never felt so lonely or alienated, among millions of people (ah, yes, the irony) in my life. I was quite depressed. So I went to movies and plays. A lot of movies and plays, and I found great comfort there. It really helped me during the transition from small-town-life to big-city-life. (I eventually fell in love w/NYC and the people and lived there many years.)

    Good movies take you out of yourself, they involve you in another world, in the lives of others. They can be heavy or they can be fluff, dramatic or escapist, similar to your own world or completely removed from it. You can find a movie for any kind of mood you're in, or you can find any kind of movie to take you out of mood you're in. You have to be "willing to suspend disbelief" and let your imagination and the movie take you along. This is the nature of art, it's no different w/movies than w/books, or do you also disdain literature? In your next thread will you ask "Decent books/like what??"?

    I love movies because they've taught me about life, while entertaining me, while making me laugh or cry, or both. I'm not sure where you're coming from. Do you appreciate any kind of art? Literature, paintings, sculpture, dance, music? Or are you an art snob? Film is as great an art as any other, and as such has as much crap as any other. It's one of the most popular forms of pop culture, along w/music and sports, because movies are fun - human-beings need entertainment as much as air and food.

    As for recommendations, see this long thread on film - the great, the good, the mediocre, the bad:


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